Our Services

Our clients come from all walks of life – professionals, business owners, or those preparing for a major life transition. Objectives we can assist you with may include:

  • Planning for financial independence
  • Preparing for a job transition or transition into retirement
  • Implementing a retirement plan for your business
  • Review of existing investments and insurance
  • Diversifying and managing assets
  • Providing for a child’s education
  • Caring for elderly parents
  • Reducing tax burdens
  • End of life planning
  • Implementing charitable intentions

We create and implement a broad-reaching financial life plan to help you reach your goals. This plan is regularly monitored and updated to reflect changes in your goals, resources, or laws that may affect your plan. Our ongoing service includes

  • Yearly goal tracking
  • Ongoing asset and investment management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Regular tax planning to optimize your current and future tax situation
  • Regular review of your estate plan and beneficiary designations
  • Yearly update of insurance needs, including assistance with    “shopping” for coverage
  • Major expense planning – college, major purchases, business planning
  • Long-range and lifestyle planning

In addition, to assist you with tasks such as estate planning, insurance shopping, tax planning, mortgage shopping, and auto purchasing assistance, we meet with you and your attorneys, insurance agents, and accountants. This helps to make certain all understand the “master plan” and are working together to help you reach your goals.

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