How Do We Help You?

Just as you want to reach a healthy life from a physical standpoint, you want to reach and maintain great financial health.

How do we help you? Our advisory team works with you in an effort to reach your financial goals, one important step at a time.

In step one, you become one of very few people in this world to clarify your goals, identifying what you really want to happen in your life — now and in the future.

In step two, you receive a diligent review of your financial resources and financial health. Our professionals provide you with a clear inventory of your income, savings and investments, spending and taxes, your insurance protection, and what you can leave for your legacy.

In step three, we work closely with you to develop a plan to reach your goals, achieve peace of mind, and reach a high state of financial wellness.

Finally, we manage your investments through the uncertainties of the market, keeping your goals always in mind. Your assets are kept with a large, independent custodian for safekeeping and are managed from a low cost and tax efficient perspective.

Along the way, your plan is updated as your life circumstances change, and as your goals are achieved, we help you identify your next challenges.

We serve as your financial bodyguard against the creative scamsters and those companies whose business model is to take as much of your hard-earned assets as they can get away with. As independent fee-only planners, we make you our first and only priority. There are no commissions, referral fees or hidden charges.

Financial health and peace of mind starts with just a phone call. We welcome your questions about our professional credentials and investment philosophies — and most importantly, about how we can help you live your best possible life.

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